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& gruit

The Divinator  11% Alc./Vol.

Our strongest brew yet, this signature ale is finished using a double dry hopping method, carrying with it formidable flavor. Not for the faint of heart.


Original Art by: Mary Hatch

Got Your Back Coffee Oatmeal Stout 9 % Alc./Vol.

This imperial stout uses local coffee grinder ‘Liquid Assets’ cold brewed Sumatra French decaf as well as Maris Otter floor malted Scottish malt and English Fuggles and Goldings hops.


Original Art by: Emma Parrish Post

Original Pale Ale 7.7% Alc./Vol.

Not too hoppy, our Pale uses Pilsner base malt, California ale yeast, Northwest coast hops and is dry hopped with Cascade style hops grown at the brewery. A hoppier, lower alcohol version using English ale yeast is also available.


New label coming soon!

Rich and malty, special British ale yeast developed by the Brewer's Science Institute in Colorado, American Centennial and Cascade hops, Chocolate and Wheat malts

Ancient Gruit Ale 9 %Alc./Vol.

A very different, sour and herby ale made from an ancient recipe of Wormwood, locally gathered wild Yarrow, Grains of Paradise, and local honey from Hewitt's Market in Berlin. The artemisial herbs are slightly psychotropic and 'wake you up' as opposed to the drowsy effect of hops. 


Ancestral Red Ale 7.7%Alc./Vol.

Our most pungent and intricate ale, it’s creamy, fruity finish is created by a magical brew of coriander, bitter orange peel, and ginger root. Decidedly un-hoppy.

Very! Brown Ale 8.3%Alc./Vol.

Rich and malty, this ale uses special British ale yeast developed by the Brewer's Science Institute in Colorado, as well as American Centennial and Cascade hops, and Chocolate and Wheat malts.

Our brewer is constantly experimenting & crafting with new brews. Find an even longer list of beers at our brewery or at outlets in New York. You can also download the rotating list of old and new beers here